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Pilot Center » Checklist for Seniors

Checklist for Seniors

Checklist for Seniors

• Register early for SAT/ACT/SAT II.
• Send for applications.
• Begin a file for each college.
• Photocopy applications and begin to fill out draft.
• Be sure you are taking the correct courses for the colleges of your choice.
• Get off to a good start academically.
• Make an appointment with the College Counselor if you haven't completed your college list.

• Take the SAT I or ACT.
• If you need a letter of recommendation, make an appointment with the College Counselor.
• Begin filling out UC and/or CSU applications online and submit before 11/30.
• Work on college essays.
• Many college representatives will come to Banning during lunch. Attend presentations.
• Plan College visits.
• Get a copy of your unofficial transcript.
• Register with

• Take SAT I or SAT II.
• Submit your UC and CSU applications before November 30.
• Think about which teachers you will ask to write letters of recommendation, if you need them.
• Ask politely for teacher and counselor recommendations. The deadline to submit a Recommendation Packet is November 1.

• Last time to take SAT I, ACT, or SAT II for UC's.
• Remember UC's need 2 SAT II's
• Financial Aid online application assistance (FAFSA) is available in the Pilot Center.

• File/submit FAFSA as soon after January 1 as possible.
• UC deadline for scholarships is this month.
• Bring midyear report forms to the Pilot Center.
• If your college wants fall grades, request them from the Counseling Office.
• Continue to check for scholarships.
• PROFILE (financial aid form for private colleges) should be sent by the end of the month.

• Check that colleges have received all materials, applications, test scores (sent by ETS), and financial aid forms. Carefully read all information from colleges.
• Continue to check for scholarships.
• Contact your local community college for applications.
• Make sure you have requested all required mid-year reports to be sent.

• UC decisions will be mailed this month.
• If colleges request additional information, send it to them immediately.
• Register for AP exams.
• Register for CSU placement tests.
• If you are accepted to a college, please come to the Pilot Center and let Ms. Lopez know.

• All colleges should respond.
• Decide where you wish to go.
• Financial aid offers will begin to arrive.
• If you are on a wait list, write letter of sincere interest and send any supporting material you can.
• If you are accepted to a college, please come to the Pilot Center and let Ms. Lopez know.

• AP exams.
• Make final decision - send notification and deposit by May 1.
• Fill out housing forms.
• Write "Thanks, but no thanks" letter to colleges you are not attending.
• Subject a test for UC bound students.
• Inform the College Counselor if you have received a scholarship, so it can be included in Senior Awards.

• Graduation!
• Order final transcript from Counseling Office to be sent to the college you will attend.

• Make sure you have responded to all requests by your college.
• Remember to thank everybody who helped you this year - your parents, relatives, teachers and friends.