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Athletics Office » BHS Athletic Clearance

BHS Athletic Clearance

Banning High School Athletic Clearance

Online Instructions


All members of the following activities must complete the Athletic Clearance process before participation:

ALL athletic teams, including Cheerleading

The window for submitting Athletic Clearance information will open beginning

Thursday, July 1, 2021.


You may do the online portion of the clearance at any time on or after 7/1/2021.

A Complete, Signed and Stamped ORIGINAL Physical Form is REQUIRED and will be collected at a future date.

Please follow these steps to complete the online process…

  •        Go to ATHLETICCLEARANCE.COM and Click onto CA
    1.       Click on “register” and fill in your first name and last name. Also, you will create a user name (your email address) and password. Save this information as it will be used for future clearances.
  •       Once you are logged in, click “Start Clearance Here
  •       Select the school year for which you are filling out the form (2021-2022),

Select “Banning (CIF-LA) and then select the sport in which you are participating.  If you participate in more than one activity, select one at this time and you will be able to go back when completed and submit the same information for as many sports as you participate in.  You will need to do a clearance for each sport/activity you participate in and will have the option to add them at the end of filling out your first clearance

  •       STEP 1 – STUDENT INFORMATION.: Complete fill out the student information, including:
    1.       Section 1 (personal information)
    2.       Section 2 (insurance information). Students are required to be covered by a minimum $1500 insurance policy. If you do not have insurance, you may purchase insurance through K and K Insurance at or you can contact Janet Furuya, Athletic Director, for purchasing assistance at JTF9036@LAUSD.NET.
    3.       Section 3 (physician information). All students who participate in an athletic program, or are a member of Cheerleading are REQUIRED to submit a physical form. Forms are available online on the Banning HS website under the link:  ATHLETICS
    4.       Section 4 (education history)

**If you have more than one child attending Banning HS, you will need to enter information for each separately.  This information will be saved and available the next time you login – you will not have to repeat this step each time you submit a clearance. 

**If your child is transferring into Banning High School from another high school, you will need to answer the following questions, in addition to completing a CIF 206 or 207 form as part of CIF Clearance.  Form can be found on the BHS website under ATHLETICS.

  •       STEP 2 – MEDICAL INFORMATION: Completely fill out medical information questionnaire. If you answer yes to any of the questions, you will be prompted to fill in a brief response/explanation.
    1.        A hard copy of the ORIGINAL PHYSICAL must be brought to the Coach or Athletic Director at a date to be determined. You are not cleared until all online information is filled out and a physical is submitted and cleared by the district nurse.  Both sides of the physical form must be completed, stamped and signed.
  •       STEP 3 – PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION: Completely fill out the parent/guardian info. Similar to the student info, you will not need to fill this information in each time you submit a packet – it will save the information for you
    1.       Please submit an emergency contact as well. All efforts will be made to contact the parent/guardians first in any sports related emergency
  •        STEP 4 – SIGNATURES
    1.        Please read each form and provide an electronic signature for each. The forms begin with parent/guardian signatures followed by student signature. BOTH ARE REQUIRED.
  •       Once all your information is submitted and verified, the Athletic Office will accept your clearance and you will receive an email verifying that the athlete has been cleared and status will show as CLEARED on the website.



If you have any questions, please contact Janet Furuya, Athletic Director,