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Memoirs » The Elite Class Of 2014

The Elite Class Of 2014

Sender Justin Finley (e) Beckstrom
Posted On 2014-06-15
Year 2014
Memoir Although this school has it's ups and downs, from the staff members to the students, it wasn't a horrible school. I'm going to miss a bunch people as we all move on, even though most are going to NORThRIDGE, there's a few that are going separate ways .

I'm most of all going to miss the people who helped me get through these past couple of years. The ones who helped make 2014 the year to remember. The Finleys, they helped a lot of us get to where we are today. Let's all take a moment and see how the finleys had helped. Whether it was grandma Finley taking you back to class, Ms. Finley (Cindy) encouraging the band and drill team members to stay on track and keeping a close eye on us, Mrs. Finley (Leti) being there for her us, listening to what we had to say Grandpa Finley talking to us at the side gate of the teachers parking lot, and Mr. Finley having us help him in the IMC and around the school too keep us out of trouble. I'm going to miss the fun times Here at Banning High School. Being involved in stage crew for 2 years with the performing arts, working in the student store for 3 years,helping in the IMC, helping with senior council, helping with a lot around the school it's hard to make that first step out the school after graduation day. It had made a huge impact on me.

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