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First And Last

Sender Benjamin Mendoza
Posted On 2011-04-07
Year 2010&2011
Memoir Some of you may be wondering why the

title of my memoir is "First And Last."

Well last year was my first year at

Banning High School, and this year

is my last. And what wonderful years

indeed! Next year ill be going to the

new school being built in Carson,

South Regional High #4, and I don't

know if that school will have as much

adventures as I've had here at Banning.

Well to start off when I came here I

joined Magnet, I'm not very bright,

or as intelligent as you'd think a

student from magnet would be, but

I wanted to challenge myself in high

school, wanted to go to sleep at night

knowing I'm different from everyone

else, and those of you who know me, you

know I'm a strange person. I want to be

Unique and at Banning I was able to be

that person. My first year I had the

teachers: Mr.Jimenez, Ms.Tentes,

Ms.Debaun, Ms.Maltos, Ms.Ornelas,

and Ms.Rodriguez! They were wonderful

teachers. Mr. Jimenez was there to give

me a laugh, and he was the type of

teacher that I know ill be talking to

even after high, even though he can't

wait to see me leave! ;) lol. Ms.Tentes

what can I say, one crazy teacher.

But I love her class. Ms.Debaun,

to be truthful I really didn't like

her my first yeaar, but that changes,

believe me. Ms.Maltos, what can I say,

I love her!!! Her class, her motivation

Everything!!! Ms.Ornelas, hmmmm,

she was a wonderful teacher, and

she will always be missed at Banning,

didn't and don't love spanish much,

but I got to say she was a good teacher. my first year with

her was a weird ride, I didn't like her

at first, the whole beginning of the

year was hell for her and for me,

but after a winter break's thinking,

I saw the way I acted in her class had

to change, so I changed myself, and

sometimes change is good. I'm really

going to miss Ms.Rodriguez she will

always be in my heart. And throughout

my first yeaar at banning I joined

a group by the name of YHSC..ran

by former english teacher Ms.Frankie

McGee, RIP. Well I have to say the first

time I entered room 100 and met Ms.

McGee I knew she was a warm hearted

and kind woman, at times she was cranky

and what not but she had a wondeful soul

I had looked up to her, for helping

me through my first year, she gone

to trust me and she was like a

inspiration to what I did last year

and what I'm going to continue to do

for the rest of my life. I want to be

a doctor, and YHSC helped me to

learn basics on how to help people,

communicate with them, and it got me

CPR certified, but the important

thing is it taught me life lessons,

and ms McGee was there through my

whole first year, and during the

summer when I found out she passes on,

I could believe what I was hearing,

I was in Denial, I can't believe after

just one year she would leave me,

but I had to face the truth and move

on and not let this get to my head.

And it scared me a lot because after

her passing, who would be the one to run

YHSC? Ill talk more about that in a second,

Well let's just say my first year was

crazy, I had a couple of fights,,

I did some lil stunts here and there,

I got in trouble for random things and

well it was kind of normal. Well I had

to go to summer school due to getting a

D in english and math. I had two

teachers by which were really cool,

but I had tried out for band, and I

failed due to being late to join.

Then this year came, and what a year

so far. To start off, I didn't want

to let Ms.McGee's work go down without a

fight, so I tried mt very best to

keep YHSC alive, I made flyers,

Notifications, system requests, and I

got a teacher (Ms Fine) to run it

temporarily, and it was all going good

for a while, but then I noticed that

I was the only one putting effort in

trying to keep the group alive, but

I couldn't handle the group,

My grades started to drop,

I lost focus on what's important,

and Ms.McGee always told me school

comes first, and I can honestly say,

when I was doing everything,everything

was going good, but when I stopped

everything went down, the president

Of the group doesn't talk to me,

or any of the other higher members of

the group but I'm sorry to say,

I can take the stress. I'm sorry

Ms.McGee...and in my head if the group

Can't stand alone without me this year,

then who's to say it will next year,

it really makes me sad to see something

like this happen.

Well this year had been allright,

I've got to meet tons of new people,

got to feel what it really feels like

to be a pilot. :). I still work at the

Job I worled at last year because of

McGeee. Its wonderful to help others,

I work with doctors and patients who

can't afford medical attention.

I also got to volunteer with kids,

and you will never know how it feels,

to be hurt untill you have worked with

kids like the ones I've worked with,

I almost cried when a kid told me

"How come you don't come anymore,

you left me, when I needed you you

Weren't there, I never want to talk

to you again." Well sure enogh that kid

still talks to me, but the things you

learn just by trying something new,

Kids are our future....and you can

totally point out the kids with the bad

ones, and they are the ones that need

us. This year I have Ms.Matus, Mr.Laura

Ms.Fernandez, Mr.Castillo, Mr.Jimenez,

and Mr.Shidler. Ms matus,

I've known her since my first year

at banning, from dance class afterschool

Which by the way I still go to. She

is a wonderful teacher, and a wonderful

person. What's not to love. Mr.Laura,

good heart, awesome teacher.

Ms.Fernandez, wow I had an F in her

class last semester, and I was ready

to go back to spanish one, but she

motivated me to stay, and students as

well, and beacAuse of that motivation

And positivness I was able to obtain a

70 percent C, then two weeks later,

A 80 percent B, and soon it will

get higher and I will receive an A.

Mr. Castillo, love him,

he's like a father, like one in da

family....he motivated me, and showed

me I can do something as long as I

put my mind to it, I tried out for

tennis, made the team, but my grades

were not good enough, so I couldn't join

But I still love him and the whole team

As if we were family. Mr Jimenez.

Another year with an awesome teacher.

Mr shidler, hmm idk, he's a good

teacher but I have a feeling he doesn't

like me, but you know what, I like him,

he's awesome and kind. Well once again

This year I did get into some fights,

I had an awesome year, and there is

Much more stuff I can put on here,

but its a little to much.... But I got

Six words ..amd the most wwonderful

Phrase we will all be saying forever.

Once a Pilot, Always a Pilot!

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