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Memoirs Post your memoir

If you have any memoirs you would like to share, please click here. We welcome all students, staff members, former staff members and alumni to participate.

What I didnt expect ...
By: Irlanda Ramirez
Posted on: 2014-12-17
Year: Its always happening
Old BHS Yearbook Sale
By: Val Rodriguez
Posted on: 2014-12-10
Year: 1960-2001
Freshmen Orientation
By: irlanda ramirez
Posted on: 2014-08-29
Year: August 7th , 2014
The Elite Class Of 2014
By: Justin Finley (e) Beckstrom
Posted on: 2014-06-15
Year: 2014
Once a Pilot , Always a Pilot.
By: Diana Morales
Posted on: 2013-12-13
Year: 2012
Who would have known
By: Sabrina Hernandez
Posted on: 2013-08-07
Year: 2010
By: Linda Powell
Posted on: 2013-05-03
Year: 1998
Oh the Years At Banning
By: Karina Becerra
Posted on: 2013-03-13
Year: 2013
Tha Best.
By: Abigail Valentine
Posted on: 2013-01-25
Year: 2012
Posted on: 2012-09-12
Year: 2001
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