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2021-2022 School Year Begins on Monday, August 16, 2021...
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Economics (Period 5)

Course Description

Banning High School

Mr. Mendoza’s Coronavirus Lessons

  1. Each day school is cancelled go to or Schoology and you will be given a Nearpod code for that day. There will be 3 codes each day, one for each subject I teach (History, Law, Economics). Be sure to get the correct code for you.
  2. Log on to (or download the free app)
  3. Enter the lesson code
  4. Complete all steps of the lesson (watch videos, read material, answer questions, do polls, drawings, virtual field trips, etc.)
  5. I will receive a report from each student. Credit will be reported on Schoology daily. Don’t fall behind.
  6. This will not be on a “block” these will be regular length lessons. So even though your class meets only 3 days, new lessons will be posted every day for each class for every day that school is cancelled due to the virus. 
  7. These lessons will count towards your overall grade.
  8. Tests/quizes will also be online at this time. Don’t cheat.