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Adv. PE 2

Course Description

Banning High School Physical Education
Course Outline

Teacher: J. Gonzalez
Office: Boys PE Office Phone number: (310) 847-3700 extension #1481
Office Hours: call for appointment

Mission Statement:
We, as Physical Education teachers, will promote life-time fitness by bringing health awareness and the necessity of participating in daily physical activity, for the students. We will strive to bring appreciation of sports and various activities so students will want to live a healthy life. We also want to promote individual success to meet graduation requirements.

Every student is scheduled for 2 required years of Physical Education. These 2 years are imperative to graduate from high school. The goals of the Banning High School physical education program are based on the State standards and to physically educate students to:
• Develop skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
• Improve physical fitness.
• Participate in regular physical activity.
• Acquire knowledge of the implications of and the benefits from involvement in physical activities.
• Develop an appreciation of physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

Course Content/ Standard based benchmarks:
• Use of skills in complex rather than modified versions of physical activities (e.g., rules, strategies, movement evaluation).
• Achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles, and strategies.
• Use of leadership roles and communication skills, when appropriate, in accomplishing group goals in physical activities.
• Demonstrate knowledge and competency in motor skills, movement patterns and strategies needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
• Activities may include but not limited to: individual activities, dual activities, dance/rhythms, swimming, and preparing for the fitness gram. (9th grade)
• Swimming is required of all students. (9th grade)
• Activities may include but not limited to: combatives, gymnastics/tumbling, and team activities (10th grade)
• Weekly strength tests, which will include push-ups, sit-ups, and other similar measures.
• Written work and an activity log is required, to assess and analyze own personal fitness and to set and meet goals.
• At least once a week a designated run is given for all students.
If in 9th grade one does not pass the fitness gram, that person will need to try again in their 2nd year of physical education. If by the end of the second year one does not pass, that person will be required to take 2 additional years of physical education. If a person fails 9th grade and is listed in 9th grade in the spring of their 2nd year, will need to retake the fitness gram regardless if that person passed the fitness gram on the first try the previous year.

Procedural Expectations:
1. Be on time: Be inside locker room before tardy bell rings, report to the gym, dressed and ready to participate, sitting down in roll-call 5 minutes after the tardy bell rings. If not sitting in roll-call when teacher arrives the student will be marked tardy and lose daily points, whether suited up or not.
2. Come prepared dressed in P.E. uniform: For safe participation in Physical Education a complete
change into movement clothes (no double dressing). Movement clothes acceptable for P.E. includes red
sweatpants or shorts (no-pockets), white “T”-shirt (not worn as a dress, fellas), socks, and tennis shoes.
These can be purchased in the student store. This uniform must be worn to class each day and worn
properly or a non-suit will be given. All school dress codes apply for P.E.
3. P.E. Medical Excuses: All P.E. medical excuses must be taken to the school nurse who will complete documentation of the excuse and complete a P.E. excuse for your teacher. Students are still required to suit-up.
4. Make-ups: Any student who is unable to participate in class (excluding truants) will be given the opportunity to make-up missed work/activity within one week from the date missed, not to exceed three (3) class periods within a 10 week marking period. Failure to due so will result in a zero for that class period.
5. Non-suits: Non-suits are required to sit in roll-call on time and participate in stretching and exercises. By the third non-suit/infraction a letter will be carried home by the student. By the fourth non-suit/infraction a letter will be sent home by mail and/or a phone call home. On the fifth incident the student will be referred to the office. Leave all backpacks in locker room during class time.
6. Lockers: Lockers are issued to all students. It is the students’ responsibility to lock up all personal items and not to share lockers or combinations. All students are required to memorize/write down combination in a safe place and to remember it. Do not put it in your pockets so you don’t lose it.

Basic Rules:
1. Use equipment safely and correctly and only when instructed to do so.
2. Do not chew gum in class.
3. No food or drinks in gym or locker rooms.
4. No taking pictures in locker room (film will be destroyed) or deleted from digital cameras.
5. Leave jewelry safely locked up.
6. Do not dress in restrooms.
7. No cell phones out or on during school time (will be confiscated). LAUSD RULES
8. No electronics (Video games, CD players and MP3 players (will be confiscated)). LAUSD RULES

Students will accumulate points based on the daily rubric, 5 points per day (except for run days and swim days, 10 points). The number of points awarded will be based on students’ proper dress, participation, skill tests, absences and tardies. Students must display cooperative teamwork, good sportsmanship, follow directions, give best effort, complete fitness assessments, make efficient use of class time to improve skills, learn new strategies, and work toward goals. Complete running tests and other tests/assessments. If a student refuses to dress appropriately, that student will need to do a written assignment and will receive 1 point for participating. If the student refuses to participate that student will be disciplined for defiance and will forfeit their1 point for that day.

A = 100%-90% B = 89%-80% C = 79%-70% D = 69%-60% FAIL = 59%-0%
**All percentages are of the cumulative points

-------------------------------(TEAR OFF AND RETURN TO P.E. CLASS-------------------------------------------
I have read the above, understand and agree to the information listed above.
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