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Expository Reading & Writing Course B -- Moira Pitt (Period 3)

Course Description

1.  Students are to read "Always Running" Chapters 7-8, through page 209, by 3/31/20.  Students are to continue completing three graphic organizers:  1.  Key Terms:  Literary Text and Always Running Word Bank (2-sided sheet)  = 20 points; and 2.  Character Relationships Chart = 10 points.  Submit completed work to appropriate assignment title on Schoology.
Always Running  Quiz 4 is scheduled for 3/31/20 -- will be uploaded.  It will look like the prior A,R, quizzes you have been taking but, instead of responding on a Scantron, take a blank sheet of binder paper, title it AR Quiz 4; number it #1 to 36 in the margin, and write the letter of the best answer on your binder paper.  Take photo, submit assignment.
2.  Always Running:  Students are to read chapters 9-10 through p. 246 (finish book) by 4/2/20.  A.R. Quiz 5  is scheduled for 4/2/20.  (Dates subject to change).
Always Running books will be returned to bookroom after all quizzes have been completed / upon our return.
3.  SAT Vocabulary List #4
Please add to your Vocabulary notes the following SAT words, search up and write down the definitions, and write a sentence correctly using each word:
         17.  spurious
         18.  clandestine
         19.  contrite
         20.  surreptitious 
Use your Voc. notes for periodic study and review.
Voc. notes will be stamped for points upon your return.
SAT Vocabulary Quiz 4 will be administered upon your return to school.
4. Please continue to read and record your independent Sustained Silent Reading in your SSR logs, twice a week for at least 15 minutes per session per date, for the month of March.  SSR logs will be collected the last day of March and/or upon your return.
If you have any questions, you may message me on Schoology or email me at
Thank you!