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Graphic Design (Period 1456)

Course Description

Keys to the Future: EVER-FI  Online Course:College/Career Ready   6 Modules - pass with 70% or better- Students will earn a Certificate in the end.....
Career Development : Grades 9,10,11,12th - 
6 Lessons- Approx 35 Minutes each Curriculum...Career Technical  Education Standards and Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)Competencies, and Common Career Technical Core (CCTC).  
1) My Life Goals - Students will learn the importance of goal setting-they're exposed to a variety of industries and occupations
2) Preparing in High School -This lesson explores how learners can prepare for their future by succeeding in High school
3) Choosing a Path- Students learn how their long-term career goals connect to shorter term decisions and goals related to academic and career choices
4) Balancing Daily Life - This lesson focus on the soft skills of balancing life through the experience of higher education.  Students will learn the skills to successfully navigate academic, social, financial, and personal aspects of life.
5) Starting your Career- This lesson focuses on the skills needed  to thrive in a career.
6) Career Success - This lesson focuses on the skills needed to thrive in a career. The overall focus of this lesson is building technical and interpersonal skills to create opportunities now and in the future.