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Career Awareness (Period 4, 5,7)

Course Description



(Virtual Enterprises International)


Spring Semester Helpful Links:

IRS W-4 Form (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate)


Fall Semester Links:

Audio Business Lessons


Sample Business Plans

Additional Helpful Links

WTS Scholarship


Why The Recipe For Our Yarn Is Like The Secret Formula For Coke:


UC/CSU - Approved Course List

Federal Student Aid

Big Future by The College Board: Pay for College

FAFSA Videos

Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

Listen to the NPR podcast, The Giant Book That Creates and Destroys Entire Industries:

California Career Café: What are Career Pathways?

California Pathways represent its 15 leading industry sectors. Choose a Pathway that appeals to you and then take the O*NET Interest Assessment to find Career Profiles that match your results.

JA Finance Park

Lesson 1-3: JA Finance Park Income PPT

Lesson 1-2: JA Finance Park Saving, Investing, & Risk Management PPT

Lesson 1-4: JA Finance Park Debit and Credit PPT

Lesson 1-3: JA Finance Park Budget PPT