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Sculpture 1

Course Description

Sculpture 1A/B School of Communication, Arts, and Leadership Course Syllabus Fall, 2011 Instructor: Ms. Asker-Chipman Office: Main Building, Room 324 Office Hours: Monday – Friday Conference period (1) 8:00 - 9:42  Additional Time: Wednesday – Friday after school 3:00 – 3:45 Office Phone: 310-847-3700 x1324 Email Address:
Course Description This course will provide a balanced visual arts program, which guides students to achieve the standards in the visual arts. Students will study sculpture through art history, art aesthetics, art criticism, and art production, through a variety of studio experiences. The students will acquire knowledge of form, volume, and space relationships by constructing hand-built forms. Experimentation with the embellishment of surfaces will extend knowledge of line, texture, pattern, theme and variation. . Career opportunities in the arts and art-related fields will also be explored.
Students participate in a variety of learning experiences including: • Art vocabulary development • Translating two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional art • Exploration of historical and cultural heritage • Response and evaluation techniques. 
Requirements: 1. Students will keep a visual/verbal journal. This journal will be used to draw rough drafts of projects and for notes taken on reading assignments, lectures, films, and demonstrations. 2. Students will be on time for class, participate in discussions and critiques, and make efficient use of class time. 3. Students will be prepared and work to the best of their ability. Bring a pencil, paper, and any assigned materials to each class. 4. Students will complete all sketches, worksheets, homework, and assignments in a timely manner. 5. All students are responsible for cleaning their work areas and returning any materials used during class to the appropriate storage locations.
If any student intentionally breaks an item, he or she will be responsible for replacing it. Also, if a student mistreats or defaces the work of a classmate, a disciplinary referral will be issued and the student will receive a letter grade deduction on the current project.
Grading Scale 100 – 90% = A 89 – 80% = B 79 – 70% = C 69 – 60 % = D 59% and below = F Your grade is based on a combination of journal, homework, quizzes, tests, and all projects. All artwork must be school appropriate. No artworks with drugs, alcohol, obscenity, violence, or weapons will be displayed and the assignment will need to be redone for full credit. Note: An assignment must be turned in to get points. Missed assignments are worth zero points and will severely hurt your overall grade.
Classroom Rules: 1. Be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings. (Attend to personal needs before coming to class.) 2. Be productive. (Use your class time wisely.) 3. Listen to, and respect everyone in this class. (Use classroom appropriate language.) 4. Respect the property of everyone in the class, including that of the teacher and school district. 5. Know and practice procedures for a safe working environment. (Consumption of food or drink is considered an unsafe practice in this studio classroom.) 6. Follow directions (including adherence to the Banning High School Behavior Code). Internet and Computer Use Please be aware of our school policies regarding appropriate Internet use. At no time are the art room computers to be used for personal entertainment, downloads, or for email communications. Disregard of this policy may result in loss of computer privileges. In addition, these computers are not to be used for completing or printing homework for another class. Consequences for breaking the rules: First time: Signal/Indication/Warning Second time: Loss of participation points and possible classroom detention (written detention, solitary time, or art room clean up at teacher’s discretion) Third time: Additional detention time will be added for each repeated offense and parent will be contacted. Fourth Time: Referred to your counselor or dean for further guidance. All severe offenses will automatically receive an office referral (this is your warning). Late and Absent Policy: When students are late or absent they have until the end of each grading period to make up the work for that grading period. It is recommended that students make up the work as soon as possible. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what he or she missed when returning from an absence.