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Visitor Policy » Visitor Policy

Visitor Policy

Banning High School

Visitor Policy


  • Request an appointment for a visitation date and time from the office staff after entering the school office.
  • Complete a visitor’s permit and obtain the principal/designee’s approval before proceeding to the classroom.
  • Follow the school’s established procedures for scheduling an appointment with the teacher(s) and or Principal/designee.
  • Return the visitor’s permit to the Main Gate personnel before leaving campus.


  • The Principal/designee has the discretion to determine whether to grant access and the degree of access to campus for any visitor (Board Rules 1265, 1268; Bulletin No. 1325).

    All class speakers MUST be approved before the day of visitation by the Principal/designee.


  • Enter and leave the classroom as quietly as possible.
  • Do not interfere with any school activity during visitation.
  • Never ask students for personal information such as, address, phone number, social security number, email, etc. Personal information must be attained through the local district office.
  • Reps can circulate a form for students to provide their name only to certify they have received information for the speaker.

Teachers, please adhere to this policy to protect our students and yourself from problems that could arise from providing personal information to private businesses and institutions.